T-BOW® Concepts and Training Diversity

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T-BOW® Concepts and Training Diversity

T-BOW® Concepts and Training Diversity

by Kerstin Obenauer
International T-BOW® Germany-Switzerland


Currently the members are in the Fitness studios with less and less time and ever greater demands in the classroom. In an hour you would like a full body training, which is functional
and versatile, several conditional motor resources, also still funny.
The training concepts meet these requirements with the T-BOW®.
The "T-BOW®" as multifunctional training and therapy bow combined in its functions space saving the characteristics of different small appliances and can therefore be optimized for different applications.

Hour formats and participant claims
E.g. in the

 • Group-Fitness-Training

T-BOW ® Workout
T-BOW ® Functional training
T-BOW ® meets Pilates
T-BOW® Yoga
• Health care
T-BOW ® Holistic training
T-BOW ® Back Schools
(Especially for children)
• Senior citizens' area
T-BOW ® Safety Training / fall prevention

 All concepts can be trained with the T-BOW®

Besides the well-known strengthening exercises and the endurance also coordination and
balance as well as the complex interaction of muscle groups. The T-BOW ® reversed as a swing (Unstable), longitudinally or transversely the optimal way to balance the balance at same training as well as strength and perseverance. With ease lateral, diagonal and frontal stabilizations of the entire body. By learning new motion patterns (stable or unstable) and the internalize of known ones and unknown movements. Thus training stimulus set the movement quality and performance of the participants as a whole.


 By clamping resistance strips will provide greater training of all muscles in the body. From the power of gravity can be independent three-dimensional train movements and all the muscles can be trained. Various strengths of the tapes, as well as several bands, an individual dosing and increasing the force input. Furthermore, these exercises on the
unstable T-BOW ® become the most applied training to real life situations.



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The original T-BOW ® is "high Swiss made quality ". He was developed  already 14 years ago in Switzerland by the physiotherapist Sandra Bonacina and the college sports instructor Victor Denoth, based on insights physiotherapy and rehabilitation, at the university of Zurich in Switzerland.