T-Bow® for kids

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T-Bow® for kids

T-Bow® for kids
Sofia Papageorga, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, AthensTrainers® Associate

Nowadays children spend their spare time watching tv or playing with a pc without
doing any physical activities. T-Bow® is a multifunctional training equipment that
improves physical condition in many ways such as aerobic capacity, muscle strength
and flexibility. Due to its smart design (can be used both sides: stable and unstable)
children consider it more like a game and want to try it.

Children who had never used T-Bow® before, got excited with its appearance and
ontaneous steps without any knowledge. Particularly, the unstable side of T
Bow® that looks like a toy, triggers them to try it. They step from one side of the T
Bow® to the other, use it as a seesaw or as a boat rocking on the waves. While trying
balancing ways on the T-Bow® they end up doing exercise and having fun.


Its stable side can be fun as well. Children may consider it as a rock to jump to the
other side of the river, a shield to protect themselves from opponent’s arrows or as a
suitcase for an excursion. T-Bow® can easily be used at schools and sports clubs to
help neuromuscular coordination, correct posture and prevent young athletes obesity.
T-Bow® platform has already been used from schools in Australia, giving the
opportunity to young students to exercise while playing.

T-Bow® use from children reminds us that exercise is fun, challenge and game. Just like life.


In pdf at: http://www.t-bow.net/articles/tbow_kids_Athens_trainers_2016.pdf